So, what is CSA?

CSA stands for

Community Supported 



Customers become members by pre-purchasing a share of the farm’s harvest before the season begins. Once the harvest comes in, members get a weekly share of  delicious, pre-packed, vegetables for 15 weeks. Members also share in the farming risk. Extreme weather or pests may result in reduced quantity; remember the caterpillars of 2018?  Conversely, ideal conditions provide bountiful produce.

I've been really enjoying this food box from your farm. The variety is great!”  - Amanda

CSA is a great way to know your food.

Because it matters!

We are committed to using sustainable practices.  That means no synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.  We believe that healthy soil results in healthy produce.  We see ourselves as caretakers of soil quality.  We employ biological practices such as:
composting, minimal tillage, and under-sowing.

"Knowing your delicious produce is grown sustainably, without chemicals, and with concern for the environment is important to me."     - Paula

CSA is a great way to know your farmer.

 More than just vegetables!

When you sign up for a CSA Membership you become part of
our farm 'family'.  We want to build a relationship with you so
you can have peace of mind knowing who is growing your food.
Whether it's chatting with you at pickup or answering questions by phone - we want to be your farmers.

A CSA Membership includes:
  • Produce Availability Guide
  • Produce Storage Guide ebook
  • Simplifying Your CSA ebook
  • Weekly Newsletter including recipes

"Great job.
Have enjoyed everything including the friendship." - Laura

What can I expect in my weekly share?

It's like getting a present

every week!

Your share is personally packed by your farmers.  We will fill your weekly share with 6 - 8 freshly picked varieties per week. In addition to standard fare you will also find some less common varieties.  We want our members to be able to try new things.      Part of CSA is learning to eat with the seasons.

“I loved my CSA.

It was a great way to introduce my baby to a wide variety of new vegetables.  The flavour and freshness of their produce was unmatched.”  -  Jen

How do I get my share?

Pickup or Delivery?

FREE Pickup at Color Your World,

Wednesdays, 12 to 12:30 pm.


FREE Delivery* to your door,

Wednesdays, 9 to 11:30 am.

* within most of SSM - ask for details

When asked why she chose our CSA, the emphatic response was,

"Because you offered delivery!"  - Carrie

for Quality -by 100% of our surveyed 2023 members

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